Golf Club

The Golf Club has its own perks when it comes to giving its members a higher living standard with all the lavish and luxurious amenities. If you have love for Golf, our club has to offer you a great experience with the people sharing same interests as you.

Golf Lawn

We, at Shillong Golf Club Ltd., are known to provide several facilities to our members with the annual membership programs. Our natural golf course was laid out back in 1889, between the tall and elegant pines at an altitude of 4,350 ft. We feel proud saying, it is the third oldest Golf course in India and the first 18 holes course in Asia.

A game of golf in company of friends and fellow players can be the best way to start the day. Our Golf course is an 18 holes (70 Par) course, referred as the “Gleneagle of the East” is owned and managed for the elite members of the club. We offer hours of the productive sport to official members of our club. From a growing adult to an elderly member, everybody has the access to the golf course anytime they feel like having a relaxing game of golf. If you are a sportsperson interested in Golf, get our membership to the golf course and enjoy your favourite sport.

Golf Club Bar

Along with the golf course for golfers and sports enthusiasts among our many members, Golf Club also offers bar facilities to them. On getting the club membership, you are entitled to enjoy the exclusive bar facilities inclusive with the annual membership charges.

We have a beautiful bar and lounge facility for guests who seek hanging out with friends on weekdays or weekends. It is the best place for the golfers on weekends as they get to spend some time chatting the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of a golf game over drinks with their fellow players. The elite groups can spend quality time with their friends as we offer the facilities to a member and his/her guests. So, if you have got some friends with you on a weekend visit, sit for a few hours in the evening over your favourite type of drinks and beverages. Players come for a relaxing time to socialize over matters of work and life with their group after a golf game.