Shillong Club
Facilities & Amenities

The Shillong Club Pvt Ltd. has its own perks when it comes to giving its members a higher living standard with all the lavish and luxurious amenities. If you have love for Golf, our club has to offer you a great experience with the people sharing same interests as you.


At Shillong Club Ltd., we have a clubhouse to offer people a perfect ambience to chill and relax with their friends and family. For more than a century and half now, we have been serving people seek greater enjoyment in their lives amidst the stress free environment of our club.

Our clubhouse is nothing but a community

Not just a program or social service, a clubhouse is a lot more than that. It helps people working towards a goal take a break from the daily hectic life and find solace in doing activities they love.

We encourage participation

Clubhouse has “members” who have equal place to speak and act. Families and friends groups indulge into healthy discussions over different social topics while they enjoy their time together.

We value your precious time and money

We know when our members join our club, they expect peace of mind and refreshment time with their favourite people. We provide them with the same level of service in our clubhouse. It is a place where one can have new acquaintances and indulge into a relaxation time together.

Golf Course

We, at Shillong Club Ltd., are known to provide several facilities to our members with the annual membership programs. Our natural golf course was laid out back in 1889, between the tall and elegant pines at an altitude of 4,350 ft. We feel proud saying, it is the third oldest Golf course in India and the first 18 holes course in Asia.

The game of Golf

A game of golf in company of friends and fellow players can be the best way to start the day. Our Golf course is an 18 holes (70 Par) course, referred as the “Gleneagle of the East” is owned and managed for the elite members of the club. We offer hours of the productive sport to official members of our club. From a growing adult to an elderly member, everybody has the access to the golf course anytime.


When you are a member of Shillong Club, you are enlightened to a number of benefits and access to different things like our bar, restaurant, library, play rooms, etc. Talking about our dining areas, restaurant and accommodation, we have multi-cuisine restaurants serving you with a relaxing open space to dine. We ensure our members and their guests are offered best of our accommodation services and good food always comes first when the concern is excellent hospitality.

Our Dining Areas

Our dining areas in the restaurant is spacious providing the guests a comfortable sitting with soft pleasing lights, creating a perfect place for conversation and dining hand in hand. We also offer drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and beverages to the guests as per their mood and choice. We have a team of trained chef and assistants who make delicious dishes from a variety of cuisines that will leave you with the absolute essence of the meal for long.


Our library gives the same feeling as in your study at home, except that there is larger space than your cosy living room. The well-organised library now looks like an archive, almost century old now. We boast the broad collection of books mostly fiction, classis, non-fiction, educational volumes, children’s books, magazines both Indian and foreign. You will also find newspapers organised chronologically in the easy to access racks.

Members can borrow material from the library as per their interest and requirement. We also have a peaceful reading area with a natural view at the lawns and mountains around. The categories of books and magazines we have in our library include:

  • Books in the non-fiction, fiction, sports and children’s collection
  • Older magazine issues

The Shillong Club members can borrow stuff from the library on loan privileges which are not transferrable. One needs to follow the borrowing conditions when borrowing a book or magazine.


Along with the golf course for golfers ad sports enthusiasts among our many members, Shillong Club also offers bar facilities to them. On getting our club membership, you are entitled to enjoy the exclusive bar facilities inclusive with the annual membership charges.

We have a beautiful bar and lounge facility for guests who seek hanging out with friends on weekdays or weekends. It is the best place for the golfers on weekends as they get to spend some time chatting the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of a golf game over drinks with their fellow players. The elite groups can spend quality time with their friends as we offer the facilities to a member and his/her guests. So, if you have got some friends with you on a weekend visit, sit for a few hours in the evening over your favourite type of drinks and beverages.

Want to have a private party with your friends? We are open to any and every kind of party – private, public, and occasions like birthday parties and more. Players come for a relaxing time to socialize over matters of work and life with their group after a golf game. It is a perfect place to chill out when you had a tiring day of sports and other activities at the club.

Close to the bar is our restaurant, you can stop by anytime for a drink after your meal. So, if you want chilled beer and a deep conversation with your friend after dinner, we are here to serve you.

Play Room

In our club, we make sure every member gets pleasure in something or the other. We have a play room for the enthusiastic gamer in you. Whether you a Billiards player, Table Tennis lover or Poker, you will get to play a wonderful match with your friends in our well-organised and maintained play room.

Table Tennis

It is a place for recreation, especially for health conscious members seeking some relaxation time indoors. We also organise some competitions at frequent intervals for fun and entertainment.

Billiards Room

Situated right to the atrium is our Billiards room which presents an amazing ambience for the sportsperson in you. There are three billiard tables. Several tournaments are held for the members besides the different competition levels involving State Championship held at particular times of the year.

Rummy & Bridge Room

The rummy room is located right amidst the cozy setting of chimneys regularly stocked to keep the place warmer in winters. The bridge room is right above in the attic and both games are equally popular.